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Behind Bars: A Collection of Stories

Behind Bars is a collection of stories around the Theme of Prison.

The audeince was taken on a journey through all aspects of prison life from what it is like going into prison all the way through to the life changing experience after release, get an insight into these characters lives and how being behind bars has effected them.

Half Guilty by Gwynne Power

Cast: Alan Wales

Revolving Door by Gwynne Power

Cast: Quentin Knight

Grey Lag by Nick Le Mesurier

Cast: Nic James

The Games by Nikita Hall

Cast: Hope Woods, Alan Wales

A Review from the Leamington Courier:

By Kate Wiltshire, Friday, 5th April 2013, Rating: 7/10

To pull together four plays by three very different writers and make of it a singular theatrical experience is ambitious, but Coventry’s newest theatre company, New Project Theatre, has achieved just this with its debut production.

Behind Bars condenses the work of local playwrights who have all explored the intrinsic elements of imprisonment and the effect on the individual.

There is the anger of the prisoner denied his voice in trial (Half Guilty, Alan Wales), the appeal to reason of the man who encounters the limits of his own endurance (Sanctuary, Quentin Knight) and the bewilderment of the vulnerable older prisoner released into a society developing too swiftly for him to comprehend (Grey Lag, Nic James). The result is compelling drama.

The Games situates two individuals (Hope Woods, Alan Wales) behind bars in some ‘other’ society. The drama attempts a skillful interplay of narrative with action/dialogue, which is both mysterious and unsettling.

Director Charles Ingram chose his actors well; they collectively encompass a range of emotion that was both authentic and memorable.

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