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Confessions Part 1, 2 & 3

'I am in love with my best friend but don’t know if I should tell them in case we lose the friendship we’ve built up over 10 years.’

‘I wash my hands and check things to keep the ones I love safe.’

Confessions – Part 1, 2 and 3 was a showcase of three pieces of work that respond to secrets that have been offered anonymously by members of the public in Coventry. Collected at the Shop Front Festival in March 2018, the show has been developed using these confessions, and returned to the Shop Front Theatre in May 2019.

In line with the Company’s ethos, we commissioned three early career writers to produce these short plays in response to the confessions that were collected. All three pieces were presented on each night, advertised as three pieces for the price of one.

The show was directed by Charlie Ingram

The cast is made up of a mix of early and mid-career professional actors, Dru Stephenson (Mob Wife) Leonie Slater (Regional Young Actors Ensemble, Derby Theatre) and Siobhan Twomey (Big Brum TIE Company) are joined by Coventry University Graduates Jacob Lander and James Will.

Part 1 – Dont, Wont, Cant by Rosie Staniford

Joss loves Annie, John loves Joss, Rebecca loves John and Teddy is miles away. This complicated mess of relationships comes to a crescendo when John gets a new job and decided to celebrate with a barbeque.

Part 2 – FatCat by Rachael Mainwaring

FatCat has gone missing, Mother has moved to Devon and all Nancy wants to do is wash her hands. Tom wants to go to Mothers house but they can’t leave until FatCat is found, but there’s something lurking that no one is discussing.

Part 3 – Yes by Alexander Millington

He has all the ingredients of a perfect life; the job, the wife, the house, the dog and a beautiful baby boy, but what’s missing? How far will he go to get what he truly desires?

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