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Struggle by Harriet Muscroft

"There is only room for happiness and bright smiles in this world.

For those who disagree, well, they deserve what they deserve.

Why would anybody purposefully want to be sad?

The very thought is a miserable one… and I feel the need to move on from such morose subjects, to lighter and less complex topics."

Struggle is a story about a world that is beautiful. Crime is nearly nonexistent; unemployment is a word of the past. People are always cheerful. Life is good. Everyone is content. The world could be no better. Yet deep in the poundings of its body lays the blackest of hearts. The question is will anybody ever have the courage to face it, and maybe even rip it out?

Struggle was performed at the Shop Front Theatre, Coventry in May 2016


Natalie - Elaine Ward

Mark - Alan Wales

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