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Supporting New and Unpublished Writers

New Project Theatre Company has a track record of helping writers improve their work. We do this by both rehearsing, performing and reviewing writers material. To this end, the company provides a coaching and reviewing service for writers to submit their work for feedback before submission to a publisher, or for personal development.

What Do I Get?

A comprehensive document that explores the works potential, with suggestions for improvement in the dramaturgical categories of content, structure, use of language and publishing ability. The review usually takes between 5-10 working days, depending on the sixe of the text. Novels will be significantly longer.

How Much?

If your document is of the following pages in size, the corresponding price is applicable (based on a sheet of A4 at 12 type face).

0-50: £40


100-150: £80

150-200: £100

200+: Negotiated

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